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Solar Panel Installers

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Why choose Birds’ Hill Renewables for your solar panel installation?

Why opt to use us as your local solar panel installer?

We are a Welsh renewable energy installer that has prided itself on providing Wales and the Welsh Marches with innovative sustainable solutions for almost a decade. In that time, we have gained a wealth of experience in addressing the needs of both commercial and residential customers. Since we provide a wide range of renewable energy solutions we can take a holistic view on delivering complete systems that can grow with a client’s requirements. In the case of solar, we don’t just install solar panels but also fit complete battery storage PV solutions, and can also offer solar thermal heating systems.

Birds’ Hill Renewables – Local Solar Panel installers you can rely on

As with all of our renewable solutions – we are fully accredited. We are an MCS certified solar panel installation company to give you peace of mind. In addition, we have Renewable Energy Consumer Code membership, which signifies that we comply with the Office of Fair Trading approved Consumer code.


Investing in a solar panel installation could save you money on your energy bills

Reduce your Carbon footprint with a system producing no CO2 emissions during operation

Unlimited amounts of energy from the Sun, free of charge.

Solar panel installations can be integrated into with battery storage systems to provide electricity at nighttime.

How We Can Help? We supply, maintain & install domestic and commercial solar panel solutions to suit your requirements.





Product Supply

Product Supply

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Latest Projects Selection of our previous Solar Panel installations, which might give you an idea what type of installation might suit your requirements.


Who is the best company to buy solar panels from?

Proximity, expertise, experience and of course cost all come into play when considering solar panel installation companies. Are they certified? Do they appear to be a reputable solar panel installer when compared to other local solar panel installers? Can they offer further renewable options as your requirements grow? Do they offer a wide range of options to cater for your requirements? Are they a solar panel installation specialist or do they have wider renewables experience? Do their reviews suggest that they are reliable solar panel installers or are their reviews mixed?

How do I find good regional solar panel installers?

You can find solar panel installers using the MCS website which will help you find an accredited solar panel company near you. From there we would recommend the best solar panel installers based on reviews on their GoogleBusinessProfile and other sites, as well of course speak to your family and friends who have had solar panels installed as to who they could recommend. Keep in mind that price should not be the only factor you should consider. You should also take into account how much energy you will derive from each of the solar PV systems you’ve received quotes for and how this fits in with your family’s or company’s requirements. It is also worth considering what the estimated time it will take to see your investment pay for itself.

Is my property suitable for solar panels?

As part of our comprehensive FREE survey and quotation, we will guide you through the requirements of a solar panel system

Does my property need to be south-facing?

Not necessarily, based on the data from our survey reports, we’ll be able to recommend the best system for your property

How do I know if my property is suitable for Solar PV?

The load-bearing ability of your house, the pitch of your roof and its ability to deflect wind are all major factors to determine the suitability of your house and as part of our comprehensive FREE survey and quotation, we will be able to determine this.