In Room Pellet Stoves

Our in room pellet stoves are an attractive option for those who are heating a smaller space.If you don’t have space for our glamorous Klover 120 then why not check out our Klover Star, with its modern, automated and efficient system it means you can use clean wood pellets to heat your house and water, it automatically lights so you can set your heating to come on at times that suit you and no more dirty coal to lug through the house, or large ash pans to empty.

Alternatively there are the inset stoves for a very modern chic look, these stoves will sit back into the wall, saving space whilst giving you that real flame glow.

Klover inset wood pellet heater

Belvedere 28

Belvedere 28 wood pellet heater

Diva Slim

Diva Slim

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