Style GAS

Type: Pellet Boilers, Stoves
Uses: Heating, Hot Water, Space Heating (Air)

  • Curved door with double-glazing
  • Front panel and top in cast iron
  • Self-cleaning burner
  • Safety sensors on door and hopper
  • Self-cleaning flues

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Style 140 GAS


Style 140 GAS
Total Heat Output (kW): 17
Heat Output to Room (kW): 3
Heat Output to Water (kW): 14
Size (cm): 47x62x111,5 h
Weight (kg): 150
Style 180 GAS
Total Heat Output (kW): 21
Heat Output to Room (kW): 3.2
Heat Output to Water (kW): 17.8
Size (cm): 56,7x69x115 h
Weight (kg): 175
Style 220 GAS
Total Heat Output (kW): 25.5
Heat Output to Room (kW): 4.7
Heat Output to Water (kW): 20.8
Size (cm): 57x69x118,5 h
Weight (kg): 185