Type: Pellet Boilers
Uses: Hot Water

The eCompact is part of the Klover Utility Room line.
Technologically advanced and high-performance boilers designed to deliver uniform heat in every room of the home and produce water for domestic purposes.

Robust steel covering, Vermiculite and glass fibre insulation, Sealed combustion, Top and rear flue connections, Plumbing connections at the top, All plumbing equipment included as standard supply, “Hermetic Brazier Cleaning” system, “Frontal Clean” system, Integrated safety sensors, “Silent” cleaning system, External room thermostat control.

Technical specifications:

eCompact 150 15kW
eCompact 190 19kW
eCompact 250 25,8 kW
eCompact 290 29,7 kW

Pellet boiler, G.A.S., chrome protected, glass fibre cable, 6x faster, hermetic combustion, WiFi, touch, automatic, hermetic brazier, Sonde, innovative, high efficiency, empty alarm, display touch, remote control, automatic clean

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