Dual Stove Solution at Camrose, Pembrokeshire

Dual Stove Solution at Camrose, Pembrokeshire

Property Type and Location

Matt and Martha moved into their dream home, a Georgian Period Gentleman’s residence, a large, stunning stone house, built as hunting, fishing and shooting lodge.

With its high ceilings and large floor plan it turned out impossible to heat because of the size of the place. The house had a mixture of coal and log stoves with back boilers, meaning that a number of stoves had to be lit in order to touch the chill.

The property required 100,000 KwH to reach comfortable temperatures, the mixed fuel systems was so poor they relied on an immersion heater to heat their hot water. This made for an expensive, messy and very involved approach to heating the house.

New Biomass Solution

Reducing the amount of work in heating the house through automation, having an effective system for the large heating requirement and meeting RHI scheme criteria were priorities. A larger single automated outbuilding boiler system would have gone over our client’s budget and wouldn’t have been the style they had hoped for. We recommended a combination of stoves.

The Klover 120 makes for a beautiful focal point that enables them to have a cosy fire in their kitchen. It heats most of the downstairs and provides an aesthetic and warm heart to the home. The stove lights automatically, saving time and only requiring filling up once a week.
The ash waste is also minimal meaning that Matt and Martha no longer had to carry buckets of ash through the house.

For the rest of the house we installed the Domusa 43, a ‘workhorse’ with a great level of automation in to a garage. This gave them sufficient automated heat, and the combined systems work together to provide all the remaining heating and hot water needs.

New Biomass Boiler System Benefits

With this dual system they get the best of both worlds:
• The automated system with the Domusa ticks over and does the heavy work of heating the majority of the house
• The attractive Klover 120 boiler range is within the heart of the house heating the water and the kitchen
• No more taking dirty coal and dusty wood through the house
• No more lighting multiple fires and ranges to take the chill off
• They have a warm family home with plenty of hot water and no longer have to lug heavy scuttles of coal and dusty ash pans through the house.