Red Klover Star pellet boiler stove installed at National Trust flat at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire

Red Klover Star pellet boiler stove installed at National Trust flat at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire

Property Type and Location

The National Trust is renowned for its stunning properties and landscapes and is also well known for its commitment to renewable energy. We were delighted when the staff at Stackpole got in touch with regards to the private upstairs flat at one of their properties. The pre-existing system was a coal fed Rayburn, which was messy and difficult to fill up daily and was hard to clean and empty. The tenants only used the Rayburn to heat their flat and hot water effectively. Living on the first floor meant the chore of bringing coal up to their flat daily was unpleasant and time consuming.


Courtyard at National Trust Property Stackpole, Pembrokeshire, including flats

Birds’ Hill Solution

A merely more efficient coal Rayburn was not what the National Trust desired due to their commitment to renewables. Whilst the National Trust staff was initially drawn to the Klover 120 we recognised quite quickly that this would be a difficult install because of the size of the stove and the location of the flat upstairs. Bringing up a large stove probably would have involved removing a window. Upon chatting with the long term tenants we also realised that they never used their Rayburn as a cooker. This led us to consider the red Klover Star 14, an efficient smaller version of the popular 120. It’s stylish and easy to use and it’s also a good size for a flat. With its own built in hopper this stove is programmable and can be set to light itself whenever warmth is needed.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The Klover Star benefits the tenants particularly 

  • The system is modern, automated and efficient, 
  • The tenants are now not having to carry coal in to the flat daily or bring messy ash out through the building. 
  • The National Trust benefits from a happier tenant, and it meets their green environmental objectives. 
  • As the landlords in this scenario they will get the RHI which will be beneficial to them as a charity. Red Klover Star Pellet stove


original-coal-rayburn-stove-in-stackpole National Trust flat

Original Coal Rayburn Stove in Stackpole National Trust Flat

Running the System

The real benefits will be felt by the tenants who will see a reduction in labour, bags of the clean pellets can be stored in the flat ending the daily chore of fetching the coal and the clean burning fuel will see very little ash waste, also the stove heats the radiators and water efficiently – giving them a cosy home. 


The heating system will pay for itself through the RHI payments over seven years, which is great for the charity.