Biomass boiler-cooker at Wright’s Food Emporium in Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire

Property Type and Location

Wright’s Independent Food Emporium is a renowned and thriving café, delicatessen and wine and beer store housed in the former Golden Grove Arms in Llanarthne, between Llandeilo and Carmarthen.
Local food entrepreneurs Simon and Maryann Wright brought it back to life in an exciting new form, ably assisted by their son Joel and friendly team of food and drink enthusiasts.

The aged oil heating system of the former Georgian pub had died and a coal and log fuelled range boiler in the main restaurant, though looking fantastic, was not doing its job; in fact it was creating extra work for the staff at the busy café as it needed regular refuelling and cleaning, with dirty coal ash being carried through the eating areas. The heat output was insufficient for the size of the property (and those chilly Carmarthenshire winter nights!), and tending to the un-automated boiler was an unnecessary task that the hardworking team could do without.

The café needed a cleaner and automated heating system with a bigger heat output than their current range. The Wrights also wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of their business. The fuel would need to be renewable and sustainably sourced. The new boiler would have to work with the existing plumbing in the building and be able to cope with an increasing heat demand, to fit in with the Wrights’ plans for expanding their business.
And it was important that the biomass boiler looked good too, as it would be located in the café’s main eating area, in front of the old fireplace.

Klover Smart 120

Birds’ Hill Solution

Chatting to Nick Cater, Birds Hill Biomass director and regular Wright’s customer, Simon and Maryann chose the stylish Klover Smart 120 wood pellet biomass boiler-cooker, in deep red. With an increased heat output (23 kW versus 14 kW) the new biomass boiler-cooker is big enough to heat the entire restaurant and rooms above, delivering the warmth and cosiness that customers expect. In addition to providing the heating, the Klover has a hob with covered plates and a sealed oven – perfect for baking, according to the Wrights. It also looks stylish and fits perfectly in the café’s main eating area, in front of the old fireplace and presents a clean and hygienic heating solution in a place full of fresh food and delicatessen. The automated system is fully programmable and easy to run, allowing the team at Wright’s more time to do what they do best – serving up their speciality food and drinks. On top of this the boiler-cooker qualifies for the Non Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and will provide an index-linked income for the next 20 years. The fuel is renewable and sustainably sourced.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

  • Automated, easy to use and cleaner heating system, freeing up staff time.
  • Reduced the carbon footprint of the business.
  • Hot plates and sealed oven to be used for baking and serving food.
  • Stylish design in a striking deep red colour.
  • Index linked income for 20 years.Simon Wright talks about the switch to biomass and the Klover Smart 120:


It was critical that the installation of the biomass boiler-cooker did not disrupt the smooth running of the café. The Birds Hill Biomass team worked out of hours, alongside the Wrights’ preferred Carmarthenshire based plumbers and electricians to remove the range and get the new boiler up and running in two days.

The boiler was carefully commissioned to balance the pressure and temperature of the hot water flowing through the long lengths of pipework connecting the radiators in the café’s various rooms. Once the installation was complete, the Birds Hill Biomass team gave the Wright’s staff a short tutorial on how to programme, top up and clean the Klover Smart 120.

Running the System

The automated system is fully programmable and only needs topping up with pellets once a day, whilst removing the ash is a 15 minute job, once a week.
Gone are the days of manual lighting, constant refuelling and cleaning. The automatic programming allows the team to spend less time serving the biomass boiler and more time serving their customers.

Customer comment

“We’re really pleased with the Klover. It’s cleaner than the old range and much easier to use. The heating now comes on automatically and the place is warm for staff and customers when they arrive in the morning. It looks great too.”


The return on investment makes great business sense for the Wrights: using the Klover wood pellet boiler provides the company with an index linked income for the next 20 years, through the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, as well as reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

The Birds Hill Biomass team are now looking forward to trying out the first batch of biomass baked treats!