Red Klover Smart 80 Boiler Replacing a Defunct Old Oil Boiler in Golden Grove

Property Type and Location

An oil Rayburn used to heat this cottage in the beautiful village of Golden Grove (Gelli Aur) near Llandeilo Carmarthenshire. When it became defunct and needed replacing the owners looked for a greener solution.

Birds’ Hill Solution

The powerful Klover Smart 80 fitted perfectly in the space left by the Rayburn. It provides a cooking facility, heat, hot water and a cosy living flame.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

Cleaner green energy
Automation, which allows the family to wake up to a warm house
A modern stylish boiler cooker with a cosy live flame forming a centre piece for their kitchen


Running the System


The boiler qualifies for the governmental Renewable Heating Incentive scheme
Quarterly payments from the scheme will recuperate the initial investment