Highly efficient ViGas log gasification boiler finally bringing warmth to diversifying farm

Property Type and Location

This farm complex was heated by a wood burner with back boiler but never got properly warm. The system was not efficient enough and didn't have the needed output to ever make the property feel sufficiently cosy.
With a large private wood supply the owners were reluctant to move away from burning logs.

Birds’ Hill Solution

The Vigas log gasification boiler seemed just the ticket. Due to the gasification system it increases the efficiency of wood to heat to over 90% and almost doubled the output of heat, finally satisfying the heat demand of the building complex.

The boiler is located in a barn adjacent to the property and fuel can be stored next to the system. The property is finally getting warm, consumes less wood than the old system and will be paid for by the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The property is finally getting warm and yet consumes less wood than the old system.


The installation was easy as the new boiler had room in the adjacent building and could simply fit onto the existing plumbing and pipes.

Running the System