Ground Source Heat Pump in Llanelli

Ground Source Heat Pump in Llanelli

Property Type and Location

Barn Conversion in Llanelli

Pre-existing System

Jason and Claire’s existing system was oil based, this was a poor system for them as they wanted a greener solution.

New Solution

We helped them install an IDM high efficiency ground source heat pump (GSHP) with field collectors.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

There is a large capital outlay but this system will have low running costs as well as benefitting from a good RHI payment. This large house had underfloor heating and good insulation so there will be low electricity input to heat this large house.

Another significant benefit was they no longer have to fuel delivered, there’s no cleaning and very low/nominal maintenance.

The system is connected to the internet which will flag any issues to the owner, ensuring they never have loss is service.

The system will provide a healthy RHI (Ground Source Heat Pump attracts the highest tarif), it will pay for itself and provide ongoing cover on the electricity.

This will protect them from fluctuating oil prices in an uncertain future.

This barn conversion in Llanelli was undergoing an extensive extension and so required a new heating system, the new build was meeting Building Regs so it had good insulation and required a large hot water system to heat the underfloor heating.


They had enough appropriate land to generate the heat with reasonable access to ensure machinery could get on site.

Recommended solutions:

Considered a variety of alternative solutions, but GSHP has far lower inputs.

The installation process:

The client was an engineer which meant that they did the ground works, we came and dealt with the plant room and installation of the ground collectors and the actual heat pump.

Installation was easy but there were challenges working around other builders and fitting in with the appropriate times, but we worked closely with the client and ensured that the project was succesful.

The result:

A warm house
Automated system
Abundant hot water
A no mess system
Easy to maintain
RHI payments which will cover the cost of the installation and contribute to the running costs

Installation Images