Ground Source Heat Pump in Myddfai brings efficient, low cost heat to family home

Property Type and Location

A detached stone-built cottage with garden in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in the Brecon Beacon National Park. The owners were extending the cottage and wanted to replace their old log and oil burner at the same time.

Birds’ Hill Solution


After assessing the property we found that a Ground Source Heat Pump from the Eco Heat 400 series proved the most efficient way to warm their family home and water. In this remarkable technology residual heat from the ground is converted into higher temperatures using a vapour compression cycle.

Due to the insulation work carried out at the same time and the installation of an underfloor heating system, Ground Source Heat Pumps became the most effective option for them. Unfortunately the garden was slightly too small for the system, but help came from the neighbours who allowed them “underground access” to supply the missing piece.
Payments from the RHI (UK Governmental Renewable Heating Incentive scheme) will more cover the cost of the installation and contribute to the running of the system.


New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The pump not only saves the family time and money, it protects them from oil price fluctuation and significantly decreases carbon emissions.
It can also be connected to the internet and flag any issues to the owner via email immediately, ensuring they never have loss is service.

The system will provide a healthy RHI (Ground Source Heat Pumps attract the highest tarif), it will pay for itself and provide ongoing cover on the electricity.


After the installation of the underfloor heating and the insulating work had been carried out we started excavating the garden and put the pipes into the ground. The Eco Heat 400 series is a fully integrated system with hot water and buffer boiler.

Running the System

Running this automated  system is easy. These system are expected to generate 4kWh for every unit of electricity used, making it a highly efficient and profitable system.


GSHP’s attract the highest RHI Tarifs and the RHI payments more than cover the installation costs of the system.