One Boiler / Cooker heats two properties in Llanllawddog

One Boiler / Cooker heats two properties in Llanllawddog

Property Type and Location

Ffos-y-Fran comprises of two beautiful traditional Welsh farm buildings, one of which had an old and dirty oil burner while the other had only an electric heater. Both systems were inefficient and needed support from log burners, which meant spending a lot of time chopping wood. Kelvin suffers from asthma and longed for cleaner air.

Birds’ Hill Solution

The Klover 120 Boiler Cooker is powerful enough to heat their family home as well as the self-catering cottage next door, saving them the need for two separate systems. Angie and Kelvin can easily regulate the heat for both properties, leaving their guests to enjoy their stay without having to worry about topping up the pellets or learning how to work the system. The Klover also serves as cooker and forms a beautiful focal part in their home.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The system is easy to use and programmable, making sure the house is warm when they come in from training the dogs.
The Klover helps to keep the self-catering cottage dry and saves the couple valuable time no longer having to chop wood.



Their home had no prior heating system, so installing the Klover 120 and the radiators was straight forward. The only difficult job was to hide the pipes in the existing crawl spaces. The new piping and radiators in the self catering cottage needed to be connected via an underground pipe.

Running the System

Running the system is easy. The system can be programmed to come on in the morning before they get up and again when they return from their day outdoors with the dogs. The pellets need to be topped up roughly once a day and the ash occasionally. The system can also be set to warm either their home, the self-catering cottage or both.


The system qualifies for the RHI (Renewable Heating Incentive) Scheme with a return on investment within seven years.