Air Source Heat Pump the best solution for this Holiday Let

Property Type and Location

Andy and his family always wanted to use the two storey barn conversion next to their family home, a traditional Welsh farmhouse in Llansadwrn, West Wales. Up to now, the barn had only been used as storage and had no heating system.
Part of the planning permission requirements was the installation of a renewable heating solution.

Birds’ Hill Solution

Having chosen biomass for their farmhouse, the family considered a wood pellet boiler first, but didn’t want their guests having to top up pellets.
The Air Source Heat Pump seemed a better solution. It relies on electricity and therefor is easier to control and maintain, allowing guests to enjoy their stay with clean heat.
The conversion was done following the latest building regulations with a higher insulation achieved than their farm house. The Under Floor Heating system also favoured the installation of an ASHP.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The system is low maintenance, environmentally friendly and qualifies for RHI payments. It relies on electricity but for every electricity unit you pay for your ASHP usage, you get 3.7 units out of it (for free).


The installation of radiators and controls for the four bedroom barn conversion with no prior heating was naturally complex but no more than other systems would require.

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Running the System

The system is fully programmable and easy to control with thermostats for every room.


The system qualifies for RHI payments which means that the system will be paid for within 7 years.
Additionally, the house is proving cost effective as the Hitachi Heat Pump selected is highly efficient.