Air Source Heat Pump at new barn conversion

Property Type and Location

Sgubor Rhiannedd barn conversion with new air source heat pump

Lyndsey and James converted this barn to the highest efficiency standards they could afford and required the last piece in the puzzle to ensure their heating system was a simple to use as possible.

The barn has underfloor heating which makes it ideal for a heat pump. The couple had thought about ground source, pellet heaters and log boilers. Having something that was fully automated pushed them in the direction of a heat pump.

In the climate of damp west Wales it's essential to have a good source of heating...

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are neat and efficient heating solutions

Birds’ Hill Solution

After much deliberation an Air Source Heat pump was the best option. With an underfloor heating system in a very efficient house the property suddenly became very easy to heat. To the amazement of Lyndsey and James the electricty bills have barely gone up whilst their wood bills have dropped through the floor.

“We only light the fire to heat the water for our showers now, which is brilliant – and feels a little lazy. The other fantastic thing is we know where our electricity comes from, it’s all renewable and so our heating just got greener.”

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

  • RHI payments
  • Clean and easy to manage
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Perfect for the tired parents of a lively young child


Air Source Heat Pump in Llansadwrn

Installing an Air Source Heat Pump is relatively easy, although any retrofit will present challenges. Lyndsey and James were delighted to have a warm house just as the snow came in last winter.

Running the System

The system is fully programmable and easy to control with thermostats for every room. It’s quick to respond and can be programmed for when the occupants are on holiday so that they can come home to a warm house and not have to light all the fires as soon as they get back.


The system qualifies for RHI payments which means that the system will be paid for within 7 years.

Additionally, the system is very cost effective as the Hitachi Heat Pump selected is highly efficient so electricity bills have barely gone up whilst the amount spent on other wood has gone down.