Aga-Style Klover Smart 80 replaced solid fuel Aga in Capel Iwan

Property Type and Location

This farm building in Capel Iwan suffered from a leaking chimney which ruined the existing solid fuel Aga. The owners took the opportunity to rejuvenate the outdated kitchen but they wanted to preserve the rustic and traditional look. Although they were keen to line the chimney, add a new rain cap and upgrade other heating components, such as new radiators and a domestic hot water cylinder , only an Aga style Klover Smart 80 would do for the property owners, declared Aga fans, to form the heart of the house.

Birds’ Hill Solution

The Klover Smart 80 fitted in the alcove of its solid fuel predecessor. Due to the damage done by the leak the chimney needed to be newly lined and the rain cap be replaced.

Part of the rejuvenation of the kitchen the owners decided to add new radiators.

The Klover Smart 80 not only serves as heating but also provides hot water and a hob for the kitchen.

New Renewable Heating System Benefits

The system is more efficient, cleaner, user friendly and an attractive feature that preserves the original charm of the building.
By moving away from fossil fuels the owners have significantly reduced their carbon footprint.
They qualified for an interest free loan to pay for the system. The loan is paid by the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme over 7 years, making this a ‘free heating system’ for them.


The installation was complex due to the damage done but the Klover Smart 80 was easy to install in place of the solid fuel Aga.

Running the System

The system is automated, allowing the owners to programme the time the heat and hot water come on. It is also cleaner and much easier to operate, saving them plenty of time and dirty, hard labour. 
The wood pellets are delivered in 10kg bags by Forever Fuels on a pallet to their home once a quarter, and then stored in an outbuilding. 


The system qualified for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Regular payments from this governmental scheme over 7 years will help to repay the initial capital cost.