Klover Inset Stove

Designed to fit into your existing chimney or be built into a wall these sleek and modern wood pellet burners will bring a touch of class to any home. Each install does need to be carefully planned and built in carefully.

The benefits of these modern looking stoves are the lack of mess, the ease of managing the stoves and the fact they don’t take up any extra space in your room. They can be installed into an existing chimney or into an external wall. We stock both the Klover 18 and the Klover 22.

The Klover 18 is large enough at 15kW heat output to heat a reasonable sized home, putting at least 12.6kW into the water and 2.2kW into the room, at 686mm (h) by 758mm (w) and 675mm (d) this makes for a very neat heating solution in any home. The fuel efficiency on this model is at least 91%.

The Klover 22 is very efficient indeed at 95%, it’s also MCS certified and applicable for the RHI grant. At 20kW heat output it’s large enough to heat a relatively large home, putting at least 18.3kW into the water and 1.8kW into the room, at 870mm (h) by 865mm (w) and 770mm (d) this makes for a very neat heating solution in any home.

Klover inset stove

You can download the Klover brochure here for more details