Island Pellet Stove

These highly efficient automated wood pellet stoves are made in in Port Talbot, Wales.

They’re innovative with an onboard computer, allowing you to light your stove remotely via remote control or smart phone, this pellet burner’s ‘brain’ can even sense when there’s trouble with its onboard safety sensors. It may sound more like Star Trek but what we really love about this stove is how easy it is to use.

Wood pellet heating is very efficient, making the most of the fuel with 93% of the fuel consumed and converted into heat .

And wood pellets are a very clean fuel, this stove’s super efficiency means very little ash, making it a great all round cleaner replacement to a conventional multifuel burner. It has been passed for use in Smoke Controlled Areas, meaning you can have a real fire in the city.

Automatically ignite the stove and it almost immediately starts emitting heat. It’s very cost effective to use at 5p per hour and with its whisper mode it is virtually silent when running.

It’s compact size means it fits into a standard fireplace opening, inglenook setting or can be free standing in a room.

We also love the fact that we can sell you a stove that is made down the road. We are currently installing both the 5kW Pellet space heater and the 8kW with back boiler.

The full Island Pellet Stove brochure can be downloaded