Biomass Heating

We supply & install biomass boilers to suit requirements

Whether you are replacing an old range cooker or an external oil boiler, there is an appropriate biomass stove or boiler to suit every circumstance.

Choose your fuel source: pellets, logs, or something with the capability of burning pellets and logs.

Pellet Stoves and Boilers

Log Boilers

Dual Fuel Boilers

Our log boilers are solid fuel wood burners with a back boiler, these are great for those with access to a wood supply, perhaps a small woodland, who can supply their own fuel needs. To heat a whole house and water the stove needs to be sized appropriately to ensure the stove is efficient. We also have the brilliant bi-fire option, this is a great solution for anyone who has access to good wood to burn but also want an element of automation when it comes to heating. The bi-fire option is split into two, one side being fed by wood pellets, allowing you to set what time your heating automatically comes on, whilst the other half is a log burner – the best of both worlds.

Wood pellet boiler cookers, or biomass boiler cookers save you all the hassle of more conventional stoves like Rayburns. Fill them up and set the timer and you have a system which only requires minimal attention whilst providing all your hot water and heating needs.Forget emptying out dirty ash-pans and lugging coal into the house, these stoves run off clean wood pellets, many of which can be derived from waste wood, they produce very little ash as they burn so efficiently and you can claim government Government RHI payments which encourage low carbon technologies.

Our in room pellet stoves are an attractive option for those who are heating a smaller space. If you don’t have space for our glamorous Klover 120 then why not check out our Klover Star, with its modern, automated and efficient system it means you can use clean wood pellets to heat your house and water, it automatically lights so you can set your heating to come on at times that suit you and no more dirty coal to lug through the house, or large ash pans to empty.

Alternatively there are the inset stoves for a very modern chic look, these stoves will sit back into the wall, saving space whilst giving you that real flame glow.

When you have more than one property to heat or your place is exceptionally large then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Our Auto Feed Pellet Boilers are suitable to go into an out building or garage and as the name suggests there is significantly more automation with this system.Very little interaction is needed with this system making it ideal for anyone who wants ecological heating solutions with none of the hassle. As with most of our heating solutions these are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentives, meaning you can see your investment pay you back. It’s the ideal replacement for oil or LPG central heating.

Birds’ Hill

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