Renewable Heating Installations in West Wales and beyond

Simon Wright of Wright’s Food Emporium discusses the switch to biomass and the Klover Smart 120 biomass boiler cooker

Birds’ Hill supply and install renewable heating systems in West Wales

Birds’ Hill Renewable Heating is a Carmarthenshire based company. We supply and install biomass boilers, solar solar thermal and ground source and air source heat pumps in Carmarthenshire or the rest of south and west Wales

We are Micro Certification Scheme (MCS) certified to supply and install heating systems under the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) government (UK) schemes. Under the RHI, families and businesses that have biomass and other renewable heating systems are eligible for payments from the UK government. In the majority of cases the full cost of installing and running the system for several years can be recouped under the scheme.

From our office in Llandeilo near Carmarthen, we supply and install high quality biomass boilers, boiler range cookers, solar thermal and ground source heat pumps in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Gower, throughout Wales and beyond.

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Here are some of our latest installations A Ground Source Heat Pump in Llansadwrn Two Klover Smart 80 Boiler Cookers … Continue reading Recent installation images »

Nearly half of Wales’ electricity consumption in 2017 came from renewable sources, a new report has revealed.

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Reasons to change the way you heat your home or business

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your current heating system to a biomass boiler or boiler range cooker. For example many of our boilers are self-igniting, saving all the hassle of lighting a solid-fuel stove. We can also supply and fit auto-feed boilers that do not require constant manual refuelling. Biomass boilers tend to create significantly less ash than their coal-fired counterparts, and the ash they do produce can be used to fertilise your garden, unlike poisonous coal ash. What’s more, with a biomass boiler or boiler-cooker you will be reducing your carbon footprint as biomass is a renewable and carbon-neutral fuel source. Switching to a biomass boiler typically results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of over 90%. Find out more about the biomass cycle on our helpful explanation page.

Aside from the financial and time-saving benefits and green credentials of switching to a renewable heating source, you might be surprised by the appealing design of many of our boilers. From the sleek and stylish inset boilers and room heaters to the more traditional boiler-cookers, you will not be dissatisfied with the appearance of our range of heating solutions.

As experts in the field, we have experience of installing a range of biomass boilers and boiler-cookers across Carmarthenshire and Wales. From our experience we can confidently say that whatever your energy requirements, there is likely to be a biomass boiler solution that will look the part, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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